Biological agricolture and cultivation business

Certified quality

Products used at Agriturismo Buonasera are all organically cultivated and come from our farm, or from other farms in the near vicinity.
The farm, certified by BioAgricert, pays meticulous attention to the quality and variety of our production.
In 2003, we were one of the first in North Lazio to reintroduce, the growing of spelt, and Einkorn wheat, ancient varieties with remarkable flavourful and textured properties.


As always, our products are certified by Bioagricert, the body that certifies organic products. Authorised by Minpaf (Ministry of Agriculture).

The agricultural company, which is connected to Agriturismo Buonasera, is a member of Marchio Collettivo di Qualità of the typical products of the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo.

Agriturismo Buonasera follows the slow food principles and philosophies.